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I have always been a “morning person”, way before I knew this term. Early reinforcement helped to maintain a routine, be it exam preparation, trying out a new skill or preparing a client presentation. It is so ingrained now, sometimes I joke if you want to annoy me just ask me to stay up late at night.

One of the benefits of maintaining the same routine from school, is it helps to keep myself in check with what I eat, how I spend, how much time I invest in my hobbies and keeping myself updated with changing technologies.

Few days back, in one of my morning runs, I was talking to my friend how my routine is still of a 10-year-old. This in turns keep my productive and away from all lot of external noise.


Being exposed to sports, discipline came in early be it – being on time, doing the drill a zillion time or facing failure. Discipline became my part of everyday life. Having said this, there are days when waking up for an intervals training gives me jitters and this jitters reminds me there is a more to learn.

In this process I realized, it’s the practice and the routine in my life that keeps me going and the medals are by products of it. I’m fortunate to experience podium finishes even after 25 years of on and off sports career.


Let’s say, learning skills is the new sexy. The way education is getting democratized, we are living in an era where equal opportunity to the people who want to scale is at the click of the button. Only investment from our end is patience and following through the course, having taken few courses myself, the need to remain relevant increases and motivates to take a new course every few months.

If you have, had similar experiences do share in comments.

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