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More than a Buzzword: The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration is an overused and underutilized verb. Collaboration sometimes feels like one of our grandma’s recipes which had a secret sauce and what was the secret?

Community has Benefits!

*(Cover image:* The power of community is undervalued, while the desire to be included in a “club” is overvalued. Humans constantly focus on the value of services which we pay for and undervalue the natural abundance.

Do we need communities?!

No matter how many apps we download, scroll through the bottomless search, and laugh our hearts out at the memes or reels, human connections will never be replaced by an app or an algorithm.

Conversations with my grandmom

Conversations with my grandmom… a slice of it over the years… Do let me if it resembles yours. link to the article

Lockdown diaries

Beginning India declared its lock-down for covid19 on March 24, 2020 and we started living a new normal. Before the lock-down, I was used to working from home and thus weekdays didn’t seem unusual, there was a minor change that I could not step out for my evening coffees and then weekends also got confined to my cozy corner.

Sunrise through Sunset in Wayanad

Tint of gold on shades of green, smell of moist soil lingering post rain, deep hue sunsets, witnessing a Sambar deer on my morning run to being awe stuck watching a snake make way through the woods, playing Holi at the Zostel to listening old melodies by the bonfire… Wayanad got this.